Katy Trail There and Back

It is such a Pleasure to say....We have ridden the Katy Trail, End to End and in Both Directions.

Deron and I have ridden all of Mickelson Trail in both directions. We call it, 'There and Back'. That is we rode Mickelson Trail section by section. Every section. I rode the Katy Trail end to end in 5 days with a group, including my middle son, in 1997. Deron and I also hope to do this soon too. However, right now, as time allows, we want to ride Katy Trail, 'There and Back'.https://mktfarmhouse.com/?id=717

Deron and also have THOUSANDS of Miles on the Katy Trail, not just the miles we are putting on now that we have moved back to MO, but from when we lived here before. Deron and I not only rode the Katy Trail on our Bicycles, we Backpacked it with our dogs, trained our Racing Sled Dogs on the Trail, as well as Raced Sled Dogs on the Trail with the Sled Dog Club all those years ago.

For more details of our experiences on the Katy Trail, End To End, see our Katy Trail End to End on a Tandem page where we expanded....


Right now Deron nor I can not just take off for a week and go ride the Katy starting at one end and ending at the other. We have found however, that we COULD, as we did on the Mickelson Trail in SD, we can do the Katy Trail, a little at a time.

That is. Take a day, drive to a Trail Head, ride out 15 - 25 miles to another Trail Head, have lunch/dinner, then ride back. Then on the Next Day Trip, do the same to a different Trail Head or Section.

IF YOU LIVE IN MO or surrounding State, riding the Katy Trail Section by Section has so many advantages!:

Choose the Dates you ARE able to go, and they do not have to be back to back.

Most of us work, and can not always get off for 5 - 10 days, but getting a Week End to go ride is much easier. You can ride a Section then come back for another Section at a later time.

It's' also lot of fun for a Day Trip, not to have to worry about Transportation to or Shuttle to one end then be picked up at the other.

Not to mention, money saved. Yes. You have travel. But. You will not have as many overnight stays or meals. We usually eat Breakfast at home, pack something for the Trail, either eat out after our ride, or come on home and eat. YES! The food out there on the Trail is fantastic....and very pricey, at least by our standards.

If you are injured or happen to become ill, the entire trip is not ruined if you need to abort the ride.

By doing a Day or two Day Trips you might find you have more time to enjoy the Trail and the Towns along it, rather then hurrying along to make sure you get your "fill in the day's mileage", or have to be in a town to meet your group at a certain time for lunch or whatever planned.

Some people might not be physically able to ride the Katy Trail end to end in one trip. By breaking it down, it may work for more people to be able to see the entire Trail by riding a Bicycle.

Another LARGE advantage to doing the Trail like this is you not only get to pick your days, you can pick your weather.....this is MO and you still have to keep your eye on the weather for changes, but for the most part, you can avoid bad weather.

We have also now ridden the KATY Trail together, End To End, Section by Section...and LOVED it! And like everyone else, that lives near the Katy Trail, we also ride some sections over and over and over and will again and again!

This Link is to another of our Websites. Yes. It is Mostly about Mickelson Trail in SD (Deron and I have ridden that Trail both directions in full.) But we have a lot of Rails to Trails riding information that might interest you. We were flattered to find that one of the Largest Mickelson Trail Information Pages, linked to us! (on this page)

-- The MKT Farmhouse Team
Fri, 10 Aug 2018 09:41:27 -0400

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